Discount Patio Umbrellas

The Discount Patio Umbrellas featured on this page are usually our best current value on our website.  They will sometimes contain Closeout Patio Umbrellas, sometimes overstocked items that we need to liquidate.
We have added a "Slightly Experienced" Patio Umbrellas at Discount Pricing page.  This section of Discount Patio Umbrellas will be a great value, usually with slight scratches on bottom pole from Showroom use, or a return for one reason or another.  We will clearly explain why we can't sell it as "New", and they will be up to 50% off our already low pricing.
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11ft Wood Market Umbrella Olefin
MSRP: $299.95
MJJ Sales Price: $159.95
You Save: $140.00 (47 %)
11ft Wood Market Umbrella Olefin
11ft Wood Market Umbrella Olefin Canvas
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